Hosted by the Jordanian Friends of Environment (JoFoE), the awarding ceremony to the winning students of the 2015 Environmental Drawing Calendar, took place on the 11th of May 2015, as to honor the winning drawings entitled ” Our children are studying and analyzing the Jordanian environment.” The President of JoFoE distributed prizes to 13 winning students, out of 2’000 student participants from various schools in the Kingdom, in addition to honoring some schools and supporting sponsors, took place.

This comes under the umbrella of the society’s interest in enhancing the environmental perception through the eyes of children. The society organizes an annual drawing contest for students under the age of fourteen, which is under the concept “The Environment through the eyes of children”.  The objective of the contest is to encourage children to think about environmental hot files in Jordan and then by drawing scenes portraying such issues.

The call for drawings is always announced through the ministry of education to all schools of the Kingdom of Jordan. All drawings are then sent to JoFoE to have them judged by a committee combining the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Education, Sponsors and members of JoFoE Board. The winning drawings are then graphed into a calendar made of recycled paper printed into thousands of copies and distributed to the Royal Court, Ministries, schools, diplomatic missions, Jordanian leading companies, and presented within the office along with all the calendars from the past years.

It was noted during the ceremony of the annual environmental drawing competition that Globe Jordan Project began in 1998 to develop awareness among students of the importance of the environment that surrounds them, calling on schools to participate in educating their children about monitoring the 4 basic structures of the environment (Air, Water, Green canopy and Soil). In Globe Jordan, schools are supplied with free instruments whereby students assign their own area of study. Such area is visited constantly and readings gathered are eventually entered on GLOBE web site which thousands of schools all over the globe enters their own data on this site. The site becomes a major source for researchers all over the world to use free data that is important in several environmental issues such as Global Warming, Carbon Foot Print,…etc.

During the ceremony, the topic of the 2016 contest was announced to be under the title “Solid Waste Recycling empower Jordanian communities and protects Jordan”. This topic will put some focus on JoFoE’s upcoming project of “Mafraq city Carton & Paper recycle to empower women to produce Egg Trays”.

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