1JENFI: The Jordanian Network for Environmentally Friendly Industries

The Jordanian Network for Environmentally Friendly Industries was established by JoFoE in 1999 to assist Jordanian industries in becoming more environmentally friendly while still growing economically. JENFI is a network whose membership includes small, medium, and heavy industries seeking to find economical solutions to their environmental problems. Its goals include:

  • Promoting awareness of the economical and environmental benefits of green technologies and services.
  • Providing information and advice on Jordanian environmental legislation, funding, and market opportunities.
  • Promoting environmental standards to enhance industrial competitiveness in local and global markets.
  • Conducting environmental reviews and encouraging members to reduce their environmental risks and to promote sustainable development.
  • Creating a network of local environmentally friendly industries.


The environmental management tools provide our corporate members with the technical means to adjust to the fast growing green economy and green growth lead by the developed countries. JNEFI provides educational materials, including management tools, a newsletter, networking opportunities for regional and international exchange through internet conferencing and e-learning programs along with direct educational programs for industries, including the Good Housekeeping Program (GHK), an Eco-Mapping Program, an Environmental Self-Diagnosis Guide (ESDG), and Environmental Performance Indicators (EPI). In addition to these services, JNEFI provides access to the JCPP and to forums for environmentally friendly industries.

2JCPP: The Jordan Cleaner Production Program

The Jordan Cleaner Production Program was founded by JoFoE in 2002 following the success of JNEFI. Cleaner Production was developed by UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). Our aim is to develop and strengthen the technical capacity of JCPP by focusing on raising awareness, disseminating information, and providing in-plant training, environmental impact assessments, policy advice, and eco-labeling. JCPP’s partners are listed below:

  • Ministry of Planning
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry
  • Ministry of Environment
  • The Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI)
  • The Zarqa’ Chamber of Industry (ZCI)
  • Royal Scientific Society (RSS)
  • Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST)
  • National Energy Research Center (NERC)
  • Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology
  • The Jordanian Friends of Environment Society