The Jordanian Friends of Environment Society was Founded in 1995, as an independent, non-profit organization specializing in raising environmental awareness among youth, industrial sector and rural communities.  JoFoE’s volunteers are Jordanians seeking to educate and build capacities of the younger generations on environmental issues thus encouraging them to take a more pro active role in the conservation and improvement of their natural surroundings. The society focuses on motivating individuals, the private sector, and local and international organizations to take a more active role in conservation. JoFoE. is funded by membership fees, contributions from the private sector, and international organizations.

Our Goals

1The creation of an environmentally aware generation and the strengthening of a collective work ethic following educational methods encouraging creativity and intellectual growth.

2Encouraging the private sector to develop environmental practices in their facilities by introducing them to interactive environmental management tools and encourage them to support our projects.

3Cooperation with other environmental organizations in order to influence decision makers to preserve our natural reassures.

4Stimulation and creation of constructive dialogue platforms to facilitate dialogue amongst students at the regional and local levels.

5Maintain apractical and realistic application of our projects for the benefit of the environment and development of a green economy.

6Development and expansion of the Jordanian Network for Environmentally Friendly Industries (JNEFI) in the local private sector and linking it with international networks.

7Rural and under privileged communities empowerment through sustainable green projects.